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Consulting Partners

SoftMetaWare co-operates with a world-wide network of vendor independent software consulting companies specializing in domain engineering, model-driven software development, and related techniques.


bronstee provides generative, model driven Java application development tools and services related to Java application development. A major area of expertise of is the development of applications using the IBM SanFrancisco framework of Java Application Business Components.

North America specializes in domain engineering: software specification technologies, application generators, automatic software generation from specifications, design and specification of scripting and programming languages, software architectures, object-oriented technologies, and data abstractions.

Solution Partners

SoftMetaWare co-operates with solution partners that complement our service offering.

Independent IT Research


Intelligent Business Research Services was formed in 2002 to provide Australian mid-sized organizations an interactive research service. IBRS clients have access to a wide range of research papers dealing with IT and business issues, such as open source; ICT governance; communications planning and organisational management. The IBRS research and consulting offer suits Australian and New Zealand businesses because it is scaled to their needs and has in-depth knowledge of the issues they face. IBRS is an independent research company and maintains that the views and opinions of the analysts are not influenced or paid for by third parties. The analysts and professionals that provide this service have worked at the highest level within the Research and IT Industries.

Capital Management

creative capital

Creative Capital was established to develop the capital management skills of CEO’s. CEO’s face many challenges when growing their businesses and capital management is one such challenge.

In order to harness the intellectual capabilities of talented people and exploit the development of novel technologies, Creative Capital seeks to link these capabilities with the capital markets. Capital raising is a process that needs to be carefully planned and executed.

Creative Capital provides a range of services from:

  • Capital Management
  • Business Planning
  • Market Assessment
  • Investor Selection

Software Development


ObjectFrontier Software provides comprehensive software solutions, components and service oriented enterprise software with a clear focus on Java technology stacks.
  • In conjunction with the SoftMetaWare team, projects can be conducted locally, in close collaboration with the client, and in any of the following languages: English, German, or French.
  • Use of SoftMetaWare's Industrialized Software Asset DevelopmentTM methodology.
  • No vendor lock-in. The software production facility is molded around the client's technological standards and constraints, and is comprised entirely of Open Source and freeware components.
  • The client fully controls the degree of outsourcing, enabling in-house software development to be complemented with best-in-class external software development expertise for specialized types of components.

Forums and Industry Associations

SoftMetaWare is actively involved in the wider business community through a number of organizations.


agile auckland SoftMetaWare is one of the sponsors of Agile Auckland, a group of like minded software professionals who practice agile software development. The group is open to anyone interested in sharing experiences, discussing agile methodologies, and related topics.

If this story sounds like "business as usual", then maybe your business needs a bit of extraordinary assistance from SoftMetaWare for a change ;-)
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Comment: This step significantly reduces the customer's confidence and paves the way for further problems.

SoftMetaWare can provide consultants who are experts in introducing timeboxing and related techniques to effectively manage iterative development. We show your team how timeboxed iterations can be used to effectively manage - and often exceed - customer expectations.

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