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Jorn Bettin

Managing Director

Jorn Bettin is a software industry executive who specializes in improving the productivity of software development organizations, and in managing the risks of large scale software development. Jorn has implemented automated, model-driven software development in several software organizations, has co-authored three books on this topic, and has worked in methodology leadership roles in an IBM product development lab. 

He has an extensive track record in managing product rationalization after mergers and acquisitions, and in guiding organizations through difficult technology transitions/paradigm shifts. He is working with software start-ups, fast growing companies in software intensive industries, and large public sector organizations, and he enjoys leading international teams dispersed across several locations. 

Prior to co-founding SoftMetaWare in 2002 he spent 13 years as a consultant and mentor in the IT industry in Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.

Jeff Hoare

Director of Product Development

Jeff Hoare is a software development manager and business analyst with 9 years IT industry experience in New Zealand and Australia. This experience has been gained at IBM and Telecom New Zealand from working on a variety of large projects within the Telecommunications sector, ranging from Customer Care front ends to enterprise data warehouses.

Before entering the IT industry Jeff worked within the Telecommunications industry in a number of different roles. This allows him to bring a practical view and highly relevant domain knowledge to software development projects.

Jeff has experience in the use of modelling techniques to improve the quality and productivity of software development teams. Special Interests: The use of model-driven engineering and object-oriented approaches to system design.

Craig Cleaveland


Craig Cleaveland is a software consultant specializing in domain engineering and web applications.

After completing his Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles, Craig spent 5 years as a professor of Computer Science at the University of Connecticut. He spent 13 years at Bell Labs developing program generation technologies. Since then he has filled the role of CTO or acting CTO for three startup companies, and consulted for a half dozen other companies on internet applications and program generation projects. He has written three books and has developed and taught a variety of courses.

Marjolein Dartnall


Marjolein Dartnall is a subject matter expert specializing in the aviation industry since 1994.

Marjolein has worked with major airlines as well as niche players, setting up and designing software tools to enhance productivity in many areas of the aviation industry. Her hands-on attitude, working closely with end users, and her background in mathematics have assisted her in developing a deep understanding of what is required and what is practical at ground level in the aviation business.

Keith Duddy


Keith Duddy is a software consultant with a knowledge of enterprise computing approaches that range from the integration of business processes and software, to the efficient performance of distributed computing at the level of bits and bytes.

Keith holds an honours degree in computer science from the University of Queensland. His early career in industry was in the field of computer networking and communications. In 1994 he began work at the Australian Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC) with an emphasis on large scale systems architecture. At DSTC he successfully led several projects taking research ideas and standards development through to best-of-breed commercial software products.

He is the author of many papers, articles, and a book on distributed computing, and has developed and taught professional and academic courses based on these. Since then he has pioneered model-based approaches to software development. He is especially interested in bridging and integrating models of enterprise processes and the software that facilitates the enactment of those processes.

Ghica van Emde Boas


Ghica van Emde Boas is a software consultant specialized in generative approaches to software development.

Ghica had a career of 30 years with IBM. After retirement, she worked for four years on various large, component based Java projects as IT-Architect. She has many years of experience in database design, Object Technology, in teaching object-oriented analysis and design, and mentoring projects using Smalltalk or Java.

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Comment: A failed attempt of damage control.

A development process that relies on a large number of people to achieve a fixed deadline is a recipe for failure. Model driven architecture provides the means to leverage the skills of your best architects and designers. A high degree of automation lowers the risks, relies on fewer people, allows short iterations, and delivers better results in less time.

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