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At SoftMetaWare we are always interested in speaking to talented software professionals who have the ambition to work at the leading edge of software production techniques. Our consultants work on customer projects up to 70% of the time, and the remaining time is reserved for applied research and hands-on development of methods and power tools for software development. This enables us to share knowledge, build up reusable software assets, and translate our knowledge into training material, tutorials, white papers, and books. Our consultants regularly present material at international conferences such as OOPSLA, GPCE, or EuroPLoP.

SoftMetaWare provides consulting services to large software organizations that have considerable in-house software development experience. Our consultants work as mentors side-by-side with the customer, leading by example, and need to have exceptional communication skills.

We don't measure experience in years, but by your ability to lead and provide guidance to software organizations and large software engineering teams.

Our business in Europe is expanding. We are currently hiring in Switzerland, and have plans for incrementally growing our Swiss team over the next 24 months.



If this story sounds like "business as usual", then maybe your business needs a bit of extraordinary assistance from SoftMetaWare for a change ;-)
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Comment: Now the opportunity to address high-risk items first is being wasted. This would be the point to implement a test-driven approach and to start writing automated test scripts.

SoftMetaWare consultants are experienced practitioners who can work with your team to develop a streamlined methodology having the right mix of agile techniques, automation, and formal process ingredients tailored to your specific context.

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