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GMT - an Open Source Initiative

The GMT project, initiated by Jorn Bettin from SoftMetaWare and Ghica van Emde Boas, is the result of an OOPSLA BOF session in November 2002. Visit the GMT home page on to check out the latest status of the project. The project has led to tools that are now used by many organizations, and it has spawned a whole range of sub-projects.


The goal of the Generative Modeling Tools project is to construct/assemble a set of tools for Model Driven Software Development (MDSD).

Audience for the GMT Tool

The tool developed by this project will be useful for those who need

  • To apply Model Driven Engineering (MDE) techniques for a specific application area (for example, order management using a relational database and JSP according to customer-specific standards); i.e. Software Analysts and Software Architects with expert experience and knowledge of the target domain and/or platform.
  • To develop real, deployable applications, i.e. Software Developers with average knowledge and experience of the target domain and/or programming language
  • To design domain specific languages for the purpose of significantly automating development of a product family in a specific domain; i.e. Language Designers with deep knowledge in specific vertical or horizontal domains.

Contact Details

If you would like to contribute to this project, please send a request to

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