Ethical Change

We produce transformative improvements by reducing complexity and catalysing cultural transformation

We are experts at harnessing the domain expertise within your entire organisation and catalysing cultural transformation to transform and streamline your product and service delivery.

Via The Ethics Lab we offer a transformational programme that begins with executive education to help align an organisation's values with all stakeholders, and helps develop a creative culture that enables the organisation to build its own positive momentum.

S23M typically achieves order of magnitude improvements in terms of better quality, lower costs and productivity benefits. Clients rely on our assistance when:

  • managing the risks of organisational transformation,
  • transforming information into valuable domain knowledge,
  • addressing sustainability and compliance requirements,
  • making product lines configurable and customisable,
  • developing new products and markets,
  • optimising supply chains.

Our team of trusted advisors have worked intensively with clients across the globe to unlock the full potential of trusted relationships, tacit knowledge, human collaboration, highly intuitive user interfaces, and advanced automation.

  • Cultural transformation: Lifestock Improvement Corporation was one of our first New Zealand customers in 2003. At the time S23M advised LIC on best practices for agile software development, project management, and requirements engineering. This has led to a trusted long-term relationship in which S23M acts as a trusted advisor in relation to innovation and operational excellence.
  • Reduction of errors in life critical systems: One of our team members helped to significantly reduce medical errors and costs in a hospital setting by integrating a Computerised Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system with other healthcare systems, enabling seamless ordering of medications and diagnostic tests.
  • Business transformation: Together with a multi-national client in Switzerland we have developed critical stock exchange interface functionality as part of a top priority business transformation project. S23M was responsible for overall risk reduction, validation of the overall solution architecture, and provision of methodological guidance. As part of the risk reduction strategy S23M deployed advanced tools to ensure the implementation conformed with the architectural specification at all times.
  • Complexity reduction: Based on the results achieved the client asked S23M to conduct an in-depth tool assisted assessment of the architecture and code of more than one hundred Web applications (more than 10 million lines of code) to identify and analyse the root causes of high maintenance costs and long delivery schedules.
  • Extreme business agility: One of the S23M managing partners performed a domain analysis of the business processes and systems for managing the assets of New Zealand’s electricity grid. The analysis resulted in several opportunities for improvement, and led to the implementation of a solution that reduced time required to implement yearly pricing methodology changes from 2.5 months to two weeks.
  • Continuous improvement: Our expertise in quality management and warehouse automation allowed an organisation in the manufacturing sector to eliminate almost all inventory errors by moving data entry to the warehouse floor and scanning the goods. The inventory system is now real-time and always up-to-date.
  • Powerful collaboration: Techniques from S23M's MODA + MODE methodology and related domain engineering tooling led to severalfold improvements in quality and productivity for a leading provider of polymer-based systems and solutions in the construction and automotive industries. The organisation now maintains an ERP system that is deployed in 23 languages and used by staff at 170 locations worldwide with a team of six developers and one trainee. The scale of the system (1,500 database tables, 18,000 columns, and millions of lines) gives an indication of overall productivity of the team.
  • Strategy development: A large federal government department in Australia entrusted S23M with the development of a strategy for enterprise metadata integration and automated solution delivery. S23M delivered a formal business case for investing in state-of-the-art metadata integration and automation technologies, including a set of concrete recommendations for implementation.
  • Large-scale change management: S23M led the development and successful roll-out of one of the largest Australasian implementations of the ITIL standard for change and incident management.

We take the time to fully understand the unique context of our clients from multiple angles before making recommendations. S23M offers consulting services with a backbone – 26 first principles that create a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Our portfolio of collective knowledge coupled with MODA + MODE heuristics for asking the right questions allows us to quickly identify the underlying root causes of problems and limitations.

Once the core problems are on the table we work with the tacit knowledge within your team to synthesise and validate suitable solution designs. As needed we will coach your team in core Lean practices and jointly establish a culture of Kaizen (everyday improvement, everybody improvement, everywhere improvement).

Client quote

The Supply Chain Efficiency and Cloud projects were massive projects for Zespri. We are expecting huge and phenomenal growth, and as part of that we needed to have appropriate systems and scalability to be able to cope and manage the growth.

The [S23M quality assurance and test management] framework was absolutely fundamental for the success of these two projects. It’s a huge asset that has been created for Zespri. We were able to manage the risk profile very very effectively with the methodology from S23M. I think that the way that S23M went about managing the risks is exceptional. There was a huge amount of rigour that was put into making sure that both projects were successful. The value that has been created is an enduring value. The biggest asset is the framework and the mindset that has been created.

Andrew Goodin
Chief Information Officer