About Us

S23M is built around a powerful methodology for gaining a deep understanding of your organisation and its future potential

Our logo symbolises the complementary roles of commonalities and variabilities in our search for patterns and hidden opportunities for our clients.

Logo animation which highlights our services and capabilities

The philosophy of our global team of trusted advisors is Collaboration for Life:

  • We help your team to understand your customers' needs and perspectives
  • We translate your knowledge into exceptional products and services
  • We assist you with strategic and tactical operational decisions
  • We have an intimate understanding of your industry and speak your language
  • We have a global footprint

Clients rely on our assistance and methodology when:

  • developing new products and markets,
  • transforming information into valuable domain knowledge,
  • making product lines configurable and customisable,
  • optimising supply chains,
  • managing the risks of organisational transformation,
  • and when addressing compliance and sustainability requirements.

Meet our team


The purpose of S23M is shaped by our core values. Our motivations relate to five dimensions:
  1. Symbols: co-creating organisations and systems which are understandable by future generations of humans and software tools
  2. Nature: maximising biodiversity
  3. Artefacts: minimising waste
  4. Society: creating a more human and neurodiversity friendly environment
    • Generating more trust – less surprising misunderstandings, more collaborative risk taking, less exploitation, more mutual aid
    • Generating more learning – more open knowledge sharing, less indirect language, less hierarchical control, deeper understanding
    • Generating more diversity – more appreciation of difference, less coercion, more curiosity
  5. Critical self-reflection: balancing the other four dimensions in terms of sustainability, resilience, and happiness

Some of our clients

The Supply Chain Efficiency and Cloud projects were massive projects for Zespri. We are expecting huge and phenomenal growth, and as part of that we needed to have appropriate systems and scalability to be able to cope and manage the growth.

The [S23M quality assurance and test management] framework was absolutely fundamental for the success of these two projects. It’s a huge asset that has been created for Zespri. We were able to manage the risk profile very very effectively with the methodology from S23M. I think that the way that S23M went about managing the risks is exceptional. There was a huge amount of rigour that was put into making sure that both projects were successful. The value that has been created is an enduring value. The biggest asset is the framework and the mindset that has been created.

Andrew Goodin
Chief Information Officer


Jorn Bettin and Jeff Hoare launched SoftMetaWare in 2002 in New Zealand to assist clients in data and software intensive industries to improve collaborative product design and engineering practices.

Between 2002 and 2005 the company provided services in New Zealand and Australia, and built up an international network of partners, which led to client engagements in Switzerland in 2006, and subsequently to engagements in Germany and the UK. In 2012 the company adopted S23M as a new trading name.

Today S23M operates globally, with consulting practices in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.