Risk Management

Our Value Proposition

Goal Services
Understand risk exposure Risk assessment:
  • Annotation of value chain models with performance metrics, known risks, and potential risks
  • Analysis of the model to identify high-impact risks, to quantify impact, and to estimate probabilities
  • Develop business impact assessments
Undertake calculated risks Business risk management:
  • Regular risk assessment updates to inform a systematic approach to business risk management
  • Design, develop and implement enterprise risk frameworks
  • Implement key risk indicator and risk tolerance reporting
Eliminate avoidable risks Complexity management:
  • Analysis of organisational structures, product lines, and supporting software-intensive systems
  • Separating spurious complexity from intrinsic complexity
Improve resilience of operations Risk management:
  • Develop and evolve crisis management and business continuity programmes
  • Test local, regional, and nationwide business continuity preparedness
  • Assessment of cloud service provider reliability
  • Implementation of appropriate levels of redundancy
  • Maximisation of the level of automation in cloud failure management
Minimise unidentified risks Vendor management:
  • Assessment of vendor capabilities
  • Definition of deliverables and milestones
  • Orchestrating the deliverables from multiple vendors
  • Validation of deliverables

Example Case Study


Global bank, Switzerland


Managing Director, Front-End Solutions
Project Director, New Portfolio Management System


Management of the Order Management Team, with responsibility for developing critical stock exchange interface functionality. Risk reduction, and provision of methodological and architectural guidance to one of the 10 top-priority transformation projects within the organisation (annual budget of $14 million).

Assessment of the architecture that has been used in the design of around 100 web-based applications (annual maintenance budget of $30 million) to identify the root causes of high maintenance costs and long delivery schedules.