ProductTank Auckland Meetup

In July 2018, Jorn Bettin gave a talk at the ProductTank Auckland Meetup entitled "From project to product mindset and onwards to product platform architectures". It addressed the following question:

Is it possible to stay innovative and economically manage hundreds or even thousands of products or product variants?

Organisations interested in benefiting from a product line and product platform approach must adopt values and organisational principles that encourage the development of deep domain expertise. This includes a deep understanding of the forces that continuously change the environment of the product line. These forces can then be harnessed as part of the architectural foundation for the product line.

The pervasive digitisation of services and the desire to create and operate platforms that can support large digital service ecosystems that include many organisations, have put the spotlight on design principles for product lines, product platforms, and related organisational structures. Jorn explored how to achieve substantial gains in overall productivity and quality across the life cycle of portfolios of products and services.

Watch the video recording (about 1 hour, plus Q&A afterwards).

The slides for this presentation are below:

Jorn's presentation illustrates how S23M's transdisciplinary methodology can assist organisations in making better strategic decisions based on a deeper understanding of the forces that are continuously changing the environment:

  • How to create and economically operate product lines that create genuine value for the organisation and for its customers
  • How to distinguish worthwhile product/service ideas from ideas that only lead to further busyness without creating any lasting value
The talk given at the Auckland AI and Machine Learning Meetup in June 2018 offers a complementary perspective on the above.