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Automation and Integration

Implementation of Software product lines. Specification and development of application frameworks and industry-strength code generators.

  • Design and implementation of application engineering environments
  • Integration of software development products and tools
  • Automation of the system design process to guarantee adherence to defined architectural standards
  • Implementation of highly automated, model-driven software development
  • Leverage of Open Source infrastructure
  • Assessment of software engineering/development tools
  • Training and mentoring of software development teams

Open Source tools for target-language-independent automation of software development that we may recommend to customers as part of our project work:

Generative Model Transformer (GMT) is an Open Source Eclipse initiative to develop a tool set for Model Driven Software Development and a platform of Model Driven Engineering tool components. The project is organized as a loosely coupled set of sub-projects, each of which focuses on a specific aspect within a model driven tool chain.

GMT makes use of the pragmatic EMF Ecore implementation of the OMG's MOF standard. A key GMT sub-project that has a solid track record of industrial use is the Open Generator FrameWork (oAW) - a versatile Open Source MDSD/MDA tool kit written in Java. It comes with an XMI based import interface supporting several popular design tools, a powerful meta model framework, and a simple and elegant template language. Due to its modular design, each component can easily be extended or replaced.


If this story sounds like "business as usual", then maybe your business needs a bit of extraordinary assistance from SoftMetaWare for a change ;-)
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Comment: This is the stage where the envisaged architecture - if there ever was one - is compromised beyond recognition, resulting in brittle code.

Modern software engineering tools can automate significant parts of software design and development. SoftMetaWare specializes in the implementation and configuration of model driven architecture (MDA) approaches, and assists your team in making the transition from traditional software development to highly automated software engineering and product line engineering.

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