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Software Product Line Consultant

As a Software Product Line Consultant you are leading large-scale software development efforts. You are responsible for the overall results of customer engagements.

The first part of your role consists of orchestrating the initiatives to establish a software product line architecture. The activities range from defining engagements with clients to the development of strategic road maps, and the supervision of a range of projects.

The second part of your role is domain analysis: understanding and modelling the domain of the customer including the market environment that the customer operates in. An in-depth understanding of abstract modelling and template-language based code generation is essential, as you will be designing domain-specific modelling languages, application frameworks, and code generators.

The third part of your role consists of skills transfer and guiding software development teams through their first projects using Model-Driven Software Development and incrementally building a software product line architecture.

The fourth part of your role consists of day-to-day management of the engagement. By this we don't mean project administration, but team leadership, representing the interests of the project sponsor to all parties involved, and most importantly, pro-active risk management.

Make no mistake, this role goes beyond the role of a Senior Software Architect or a Programme Manager, it requires

  • superb relationship building skills,
  • the ability to fluently speak - and translate between - board-level language, domain terminology, project management terminology, and software engineering terminology,
  • a rare talent in the art of abstraction,
  • experience in language design,
  • and the ability to prioritize efficiently.


If this story sounds like "business as usual", then maybe your business needs a bit of extraordinary assistance from SoftMetaWare for a change ;-)
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Comment: Regardless of what the officially used "project methodology" is called, this is waterfall development in all its glory.

Complex software projects don't have to result in high stress levels and high staff attrition rates. SoftMetaWare can assist in implementing appropriate project management practices that avoid destructive staff burnout in the later stages of projects.

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