The Ethics Lab

Enabling organisations for the good of the planet

The Ethics Lab is an initiative of S23M, working in partnership with NEURANZ, to develop the creative thinking practices required to address the biggest issues facing coming generations. Through developing creativity that embraces diversity of thought and the power of new technology, The Ethics Lab seeks to enable exponential change for good throughout our society, addressing:

  • environmental challenges,
  • economic challenges,
  • social challenges,
  • technical challenges.

The Ethics Lab is focused on a transformational programme that begins with executive education to help align an organisation's values with all stakeholders, and helps develop a creative culture that enables the organisation to build its own positive momentum.

We care about enabling change-makers so that they can positively shape the future of our world:

  1. Change at global scale requires exponential shifts at local scale
  2. The scale of change required is beyond "think tanks"
  3. Positive change creates a gravitational social behavioural effect
  4. Talent and customers seek value alignment with intrinsic motivations
  5. Open collaboration creates unlimited access to collective knowledge

Executive education programme

The Ethics Lab process unlocks activist talent both within and externally aligned to your organisation. We enable the creativity that can address big challenges and create a culture which is positively infectious.

Ethical value creation in the knowledge age (6 weeks)

This programme consists of six workshops which include a combination of lectures, exercises, Open Space discussions, and economic ecosystem / platform design group activities. Topics:

  1. Understanding the bias against creativity
  2. Building and maintaining cultural fitness
  3. Operating a knowledge distillery
  4. Avoiding wasteful busyness
  5. The human lens, a new language for value creation
  6. Economic ecosystem and platform design