Our Value Proposition

Goal Services
Harness tacit knowledge across the organisation Cross-disciplinary collaboration:
  • Analysis of the internal value chain
  • Identification of brittle processes
  • Streamlining of internal processes
  • Elimination of friction from relationships with suppliers and customers
Avoid product failure Knowledge reconstruction and retention:
  • Identification of critical areas of tacit knowledge
  • Formalisation of tacit knowledge in collaboration with domain experts
  • Deployment of methodologies and tools for the dissemination of domain knowledge within the organisation
Harness knowledge beyond human cognitive abilities Big data mining:
  • Review of relevant strategic information assets within and outside the organisational boundary
  • Definition of specific business goals based on tool-assisted analysis of big data
  • Establishment and coaching of a cross-disciplinary data science team
Benefit from reuse Semantic data integration:
  • Development of domain-specific glossaries, identification of commonalities and variabilities across domains
  • Identification of commonalities and variabilities across domains
  • Systematic reuse of concepts

Example Case Study


Livestock Improvement Corporation, New Zealand


General Manager Research & Development


  • Progressing software prototypes to commercial software products that are ready for production use by customers
  • Minimising the risks of transitioning from agile prototyping to lean software product line engineering


Client feedback

One of the challenges we faced was working out how to transition from prototypes into product development, and then obviously to active customers. We have been struggling to bridge the gap. S23M spent 4 to 6 weeks with us and engaged with the R & D group and the technology division, and also with the wider business to get a deeper understanding of the context. And that was very good.

The output was very good as well. The report, and especially the process of discussing it in depth with us as a group, and then also incorporating the outcomes of the discussion in the final report certainly made the teams aware that prototyping and product development represent two distinct phases that need to be well coordinated.

The recommendations were absolutely supported by the participants. We have now seen the transition eventuate in relation to a recent new product development effort within our business. We certainly see the benefits for us.

The professionalism, the way that S23M interacted with the teams, and the skills that S23M brought were exceptional, top rate. I was surprised at how well the teams engaged with you guys.

Richard Spelman, General Manager R & D