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The time of expensive software development and CASE tools is long gone, and software infrastructure including high-quality software development tools are increasingly available in open source format. The paradigm shift to largely automated, model driven software production depends on affordable high-quality automation tools. In collaboration with we initiated the Generative Model Transformer project, an open source initiative to develop a new generation of power tools for software development.

If you want to learn more about Model-Driven Software Development, Model Driven ArchitectureTM (MDATM), and automation of software development in general, we recommend that you take the time to read some of the SoftMetaWare white papers, explore the results and proceedings from international conference workshops led by our consultants, and experiment with some of the tools referred to in this section.

There is never a good time for change, right?

"Another area of major frustration and concern for the business was the application of agile techniques at what appeared to be mid-way through the project, giving the impression we were starting over. In a way we were, but would have had to even without agile techniques on the scene. This is because the previous analyst had left, and a new team had to go through the learning curve - they were effectively starting over anyway. All in all, the feeling of the team is that ultimately the project has not suffered as a result. I see this as testament to the techniques used, in that if we can regain so much ground on our first real-life application of these techniques, then it bodes well for when we are truly proficient in their use."

(Customer name available on request)

If this story sounds like "business as usual", then maybe your business needs a bit of extraordinary assistance from SoftMetaWare for a change ;-)
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SoftMetaWare can help redefine the way you manage interactions with customers and prospects. We can provide guidance in the sales and project definition phase. Often already the sales agreement contains the seed for problems further down the road.

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