Collaboration for Life

Collaboration based on trust, honesty, and respect

S23M will always be there for you with advanced techniques for designing adaptive and resilient systems that reduce the likelihood and scale of system failures.

Our team has unique expertise in managing complex organisations and systems over the long term. We enable clients to improve productivity without compromising resilience.

The Collaboration for Life philosophy recognises an ongoing and reinforcing feedback loop between adaptive and resilient systems on the one hand, and collaboration based on trust, honesty, and respect on the other hand.

We believe trust is a highly prized asset that is hard to create and very easy to destroy. When trust is reinforced with honesty and respect, it acts as a powerful lubricant that sustains collaboration and leads to meaningful relationships rather than isolated transactions. Our reputation with clients has established S23M as an innovator in the management, design, and delivery of data and software intensive products and services.

Together, we can transform your organisation.

Assurance and risk management at Zespri International

S23M collaborated with Zespri International to assure the quality of a global supply chain optimisation initiative and of one of the first migrations of SAP production systems to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. The MODA+MODE methodology was used to manage a global team of more than 70 domain experts and the deliverables of external IT service providers.

Innovation at Livestock Improvement Corporation

One of the challenges we faced was working out how to transition from prototypes into product development, and then obviously to active customers. We have been struggling to bridge the gap. S23M spent 4 to 6 weeks with us and engaged with the R & D group and the technology division, and also with the wider business to get a deeper understanding of the context. And that was very good.

The output was very good as well. The report, and especially the process of discussing it in depth with us as a group, and then also incorporating the outcomes of the discussion in the final report certainly made the teams aware that prototyping and product development represent two distinct phases that need to be well coordinated.

The recommendations were absolutely supported by the participants. We have now seen the transition eventuate in relation to a recent new product development effort within our business. We certainly see the benefits for us.

The professionalism, the way that S23M interacted with the teams, and the skills that S23M brought were exceptional, top rate. I was surprised at how well the teams engaged with you guys.

Richard Spelman, General Manager R & D, Livestock Improvement Corporation