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SoftMetaWare automates software design and streamlines the software development process

You would like to manage the risks of your portfolio relying on

  • Realistic valuations of current and planned investments.
  • Early detection of problems before they significantly impact financial performance.
  • Effective measures to get problematic ventures back on track.

SoftMetaWare adds value by

  • Assessing the efficiency of software development organizations by "looking under the hood".
  • Shortening release cycle time and reducing time to market.
  • Involving customers and prospects in product design and product validation to align product road maps with market realities.
  • Performing a full CTO role during times of rapid change and after mergers and acquisitions.
  • Reducing costs by automating all repetitive tasks, and by leveraging offshore teams as appropriate.
  • Providing an unbiased perspective towards product line rationalization, and deep expertise in designing product families that share a set of core assets.

Software Product Line Engineering Expertise

"We turned to SoftMetaWare to streamline product development across our Centres of Excellence. SoftMetaWare expertise proved to be invaluable for making complex decisions about product architecture, choice of development locations, and the best use of modern software engineering technologies. The thorough and pragmatic approach taken by SoftMetaWare assisted us in achieving our ambitious goals"

Des Odell, Executive Officer, Solution 6 Holdings Limited

Latest News

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On demand Java SW development
Partnership with IBRS
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Providing the substrate for outstanding products

  • Vendor independent consulting.
  • Leveraging your software architecture.
  • Domain driven design and software product line engineering.
  • Automation of software design and implementation to a high degree using Model Driven Software Development.
  • Deployment of domain-specific frameworks and components.
  • Streamlining your end-to-end software development process.

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