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SoftMetaWare automates software design and streamlines the software development process

You would like to

  • Tackle larger projects without increasing your risk exposure.
  • Maximize the leverage of domain knowledge in vertical markets.
  • Provide exceptional services to your customers in terms of delivery time, quality, and value for money.
  • Establish a predictable and long-term revenue stream.

SoftMetaWare adds value by

  • Providing training and mentoring in agile project management and requirements management techniques for software development in the large.
  • Improving the way you involve customers in solution design and validation.
  • Capturing your domain knowledge in human readable and machine reusable format.
  • Developing a realistic delivery model involving onshore and offshore teams, and implementing a software supply chain.
  • Matching your organization with software vendors looking to outsource product development.
  • Upskilling your team to the level of maturity required for software product development, and software product evolution.

SoftMetaWare process frameworks are tailored by working with the people who need to use the process. The users of a process should have the last word in implementing the process.

"The Agile Techniques project has been successful in introducing a number of software development best practices. It has re-engineered our existing software requirements gathering and project management processes by introducing a completely new set of processes. The core Pilot Application Development team are working in a collaborative and productive manner and that is being reflected in both team dynamics and the project's output. Feedback from those involved in Pilot Application Development - including those in the field - has been positive. The Agile Techniques project has also revitalised the Business Analyst group within our organization and given them a new enthusiasm."

"I believe that the Agile Techniques project is already paying dividends as a result of applying these new processes to the Pilot Application Development project. What remains for a subsequent project (codename Introduction of Architecture-Centric MDSD) is the fundamental re-engineering of our coding practices."

(Customer name available on request)

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Providing the substrate for outstanding solutions

  • Vendor independent.
  • Leveraging your software architecture.
  • Domain driven design and software product line engineering.
  • Automation of software design and implementation to a high degree using Model Driven Software Development.
  • Deployment of domain-specific frameworks and components.
  • Streamlining your end-to-end software development process.

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