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SoftMetaWare automates software design and streamlines the software development process

You would like to

  • Align IT solutions with your overall business objectives, and you prefer cost effective solutions that are able to evolve in tandem with your changing business environment.
  • Minimise total cost of ownership.
  • Strengthen your competitive advantage.

SoftMetaWare adds value by

  • Working with your domain experts to create an accurate model of your business and by developing a coherent enterprise architecture.
  • Introducing best practices for IT governance and risk management of IT initiatives.
  • Implementing processes that put stakeholders in control of the delivery priorities.
  • Replacing counter-productive engagement models between end users and solution providers with models that reward collaboration and innovation.
  • Developing a realistic delivery model that leverages external service providers, but that at the same time avoids the externalization of intellectual property that defines your competitive edge.
  • Identification of software liabilities and introduction of a rational decision framework for build/buy/Open Source decisions.
  • Helping you reduce spurious complexity in your enterprise architecture.

The true meaning of agility

"Previously users were engaged for an intense period up-front, then a lull while our organization went back to develop the code, then a second intense (and often frantic) effort during testing and implementation. This new approach requires a more constant availability of business resource over the duration of the project."

"Another fundamental aspect of user involvement relates to scope control and change control. The monthly scope trading workshops put the responsibility on the users to determine what gets built and when. Three months into the project, <project name> provided a real-life example of a significant change in functionality being introduced as a result of one of these workshops. The flexibility and responsiveness to changing requirements is one of the key features of these new processes."

(Customer name available on request)

Latest News

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Providing the substrate for outstanding solutions

  • Vendor independent consulting.
  • Leveraging your software architecture.
  • Domain driven design and software system family engineering.
  • Automation of software design and implementation to a high degree using Model Driven Software Development.
  • Deployment of domain-specific frameworks and components.
  • Streamlining your end-to-end software development process.

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