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SoftMetaWare automates software design and streamlines the software development process

You would like to

  • Address the needs of tier one clients.
  • Provide a one-stop-shop for your clients.

SoftMetaWare consultants add value by

  • Being professional change agents capable of operating at the highest level in tier one client organizations, i.e. as Acting CxO and Acting VPx.
  • Being shapers at the leading edge of software engineering techniques.
  • Creating high-productivity, collaborative environments across organizational boundaries.
  • Providing expertise not only in the implementation of enterprise software but also in the development of commercial enterprise software products.
  • Having deep domain knowledge in areas such as Manufacturing, Mass Customization, Telecommunications, and Model Driven Software Development.

There is never a good time for change, right?

"Another area of major frustration and concern for the business was the application of agile techniques at what appeared to be mid-way through the project, giving the impression we were starting over. In a way we were, but would have had to even without agile techniques on the scene. This is because the previous analyst had left, and a new team had to go through the learning curve - they were effectively starting over anyway. All in all, the feeling of the team is that ultimately the project has not suffered as a result. I see this as testament to the techniques used, in that if we can regain so much ground on our first real-life application of these techniques, then it bodes well for when we are truly proficient in their use."

(Customer name available on request)

Latest News

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Providing the substrate for outstanding services

  • Vendor independent consulting.
  • Leveraging your software architecture.
  • Domain driven design and software product line engineering.
  • Automation of software design and implementation to a high degree using Model Driven Software Development.
  • Deployment of domain-specific frameworks and components.
  • Streamlining your end-to-end software development process.

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