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Personal Interests

  My work is international but my home base is in New Zealand, close to the ocean. As far as possible I try to get out on the water at least once a week. For some odd reason I tend to gravitate to equipment intensive activities, such as dinghy sailing, wind surfing, or sea kayaking. What toy gets pulled out of the garage depends entirely on the weather and water conditions, and the range of options ensures that "downtime" is minimized.  The one thing that I miss at my doorstep is a good surf break. That means a surfing session always involves a two hour trip by car. 

I have a strong interest in protecting the marine environment, which is currently threatended in most parts of the world by intensive fishing, pollution, and global warming. If you are active in this space, please get in touch for an exchange of thoughts and collaboration on concrete initiatives.

Have posted some pictures in the sections below. If you are thinking about visiting New Zelaand, and have questions regarding water based activities, simply send me an email, and I should hopefully be able to point you in the right direction. 

OK, I better get out there, it looks like a wind surfing day ...  

Sea Kayaking

Here are some old snapshots from a trip off the Wellington South Coast on one of the rare calm days.

Off the Wellington South Coast

Looking towards Bearing Head

Off the Wellington South Coast

Going up

Off the Wellington South Coast

Going down

Off the Wellington South Coast

The Cook Strait ferry

Off the Wellington South Coast

The entrance to Wellington harbour is on the right

Off the Wellington South Coast

Island Bay

Pictures from paddling trips in the Marlborough Sounds.

A bit cold in the morning ...

Just a little bit colder in the morning than we thought

Kenepuru Sound in summer

Different time of year

Marlborough Sounds Scenery

Worthwhile to walk up the hills for a different perspective

The ocean side of the Marlborough Sounds

An ideal paddling day

Around Wellington

Various pictures taken within a couple of hours drive from Wellington.

Paraparaumu as seen from Kapiti Island

Looking towards Paraparaumu from Kapiti Island

The usual weather at Cape Palliser

You need a thick skin to feel comfortable at Cape Palliser

Evening at Castlepoint

Typical evening at Castlepoint

Surf at the Gap in Castlepoint

The last waves at the Gap in Castlepoint

Fishing boats in Castlepoint

Going fishing Wairarapa style

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