Case Studies

This page contains a listing of S23M case studies organised by geographic region.

Europe & Americas

Global Bank

Risk reduction; methodological and architectural guidance for high priority transformation projects. Identifying root causes of high maintenance costs and long delivery schedules.

Manufacturing and Logistics sectors

Adoption of lean manufacturing techniques and implementation of highly automated logistics systems.

Start-up car insurance and life insurance business

Enabling a start-up direct marketing insurance company to go live on schedule with working software systems for direct telephone marketing, premium calculation, quotation, policy management, and claims processing – within a fixed 18-month time frame.

Insurance company – life insurance and superannuation

Simplifying the artefacts used within the organisation and the electronic forms used by customers and business partners. Analysing the product design process to radically simplify the specification of insurance premium calculations, improve quality and reduce product maintenance costs.

Postal automation system vendor

Development of a report specification and design tool for a software product line for postal automation systems, with a focus on real-time statistics gathered by the equipment in mail sorting centres.

Tier-1 software vendor

Transforming and rationalising a product portfolio of timekeeping and billing software that had grown through mergers and acquisitions.

Issuer of structured financial products

Elimination of the manual effort involved in collecting and combining sales credit data from spreadsheets into a master spreadsheet, and introducing role based access control, auditing, and an approval workflow.

The Economist Group

Domain analysis and domain engineering to increase the level of agility in online project delivery.

Australia & Asia

New Zealand