Case Study


Livestock Improvement Corporation, New Zealand


General Manager, Computer Services Group


Advising a company with the world's largest bovine genetics database on enterprise architecture, business process management, and best practices for software development process. Introduced best practices for agile project management and requirements engineering.


Client quotes

The Supply Chain Efficiency and Cloud projects were massive projects for Zespri. We are expecting huge and phenomenal growth, and as part of that we needed to have appropriate systems and scalability to be able to cope and manage the growth.

The [S23M quality assurance and test management] framework was absolutely fundamental for the success of these two projects. It’s a huge asset that has been created for Zespri. We were able to manage the risk profile very very effectively with the methodology from S23M. I think that the way that S23M went about managing the risks is exceptional. There was a huge amount of rigour that was put into making sure that both projects were successful. The value that has been created is an enduring value. The biggest asset is the framework and the mindset that has been created.

Andrew Goodin, CIO of Zespri International

One of the challenges we faced was working out how to transition from prototypes into product development, and then obviously to active customers. We have been struggling to bridge the gap. S23M spent 4 to 6 weeks with us and engaged with the R & D group and the technology division, and also with the wider business to get a deeper understanding of the context. And that was very good.

The output was very good as well. The report, and especially the process of discussing it in depth with us as a group, and then also incorporating the outcomes of the discussion in the final report certainly made the teams aware that prototyping and product development represent two distinct phases that need to be well coordinated.

The recommendations were absolutely supported by the participants. We have now seen the transition eventuate in relation to a recent new product development effort within our business. We certainly see the benefits for us.

The professionalism, the way that Jorn and Ruben interacted with the teams, and the skills that S23M brought were exceptional, top rate. I was surprised at how well the teams engaged with you guys.

Richard Spelman, General Manager R & D, Livestock Improvement Corporation